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myplant GmbH represents an alliance that gives the user a reassuring feeling that myplant two is user friendly and a longterm functional, mechanically stable, as well as tissue-compatible and sophisticated aesthetic solution

The myplant two implant was developed specifically for subcrestal placement and can be inserted up to 2 mm below bone level if bone supply is adequate and taking into account the surrounding structures. This allows the crestal bone to grow over the surface treated implant shoulder up to the abutment diameter. The undersized instruments in conjunction with the simple drilling protocol result in an increased primary stability in all bone qualities. The combination of macro design and drilling protocol offers a stable soft tissue support in addition to the increased primary stability. With the myplant two system immediate loading is no longer an option but the standard.

"The key to successful prosthetics is a firm and tight tapered conical connection"

A major advantage of the non-indexed interface is the fact that all implants have the same internal geometry, allowing each prosthetic component to fit into each implant. The choice of implant is made exclusively on the basis of the available bone and is not restricted by the prosthetics. The design of the inner cone results in a highly resilient and virtually bacteria-proof connection between abutment and implant.

Under the umbrella of myplant GmbH, myplant digital offers all advantages of digital production of individual dental prostheses. myplant digital offers a wide range of highprecision CAD/CAM fabricated individual solutions for numerous implant systems. Your benefit: experience, innovation and cost-efficiency.

"Technological progress does not stop at dentistry.
The future is digital, the future is perfect!"

Satisfied customers are our priority! Therefore it is our top objective to implement your individual planning as quickly as possible. Optimized processes help us achieve straightforward implementation. This starts with the simple recording of your order. After all, every day saved in the production of dental prostheses makes your patients smile more quickly. Our service technicians are experienced in designing or optimizing data sets which supports you as our customer in achieving an optimal result.

Our promise: if a piece does not fit, we will fabricate it new. There will be no discussions as to the reasons.

myplant genesis offers the product line MEISINGER Bone Management® which is developed in cooperation with leading scientists and practicioners. This perfectly harmonized system solutions for the controlled optimization of the bony implant site is completely independent of the used implant system. Besides prosthetic aspects, the minimally invasive character of the surgical intervention in complicated indications plays an important role in this product line. Clearly structured and standardized procedures offer the possibility of an implant restoration to a greater number of surgeons. Due to controlled and gentle bone preparation, Bone Management® is a key factor for long-term success in oral implantology.

Technological progress does not stop at dentistry. myplant academy informs you about the most important events in dental implantology. So you always stay up to date with the latest dental topics.

„We offer a unique and holistic concept: starting from the surgical optimisation of the osteotomy as well as the implant placement up to a digital workflow and further education. Because it all depends on choosing the right partner.“

Jennifer Gerbrand
Head of Product Management

about us

The concept of a two-piece titanium implant with special expansion thread and self-locking cone as abutment connection was already developed by Prof. Dr. med. dent. Nentwig and Dr. Ing. Moser 30 years ago and brought to clinical maturity. High primary stability, minimum construction height, micro-movement-free and a bacteria-proof implant-abutment connection as well as deep platform switching soon proved to be superior combination in terms of achievable bone and soft tissue stability, and thus guarantors of exceptional long-term success.

With the myplant two implant system, Prof. Nentwig and Dr. Moser have further advanced and optimized this concept, which has been documented over decades, and adapted it to the criteria of modern, future-oriented implant therapy.

With more than 30 years of dental implant manufacturing and development competence, as well as many years of experience in the commercialisation of implants, myplant GmbH represents an alliance that gives the user the reassuring feeling that myplant two is a longterm functional, mechanically stable, as well as tissue-compatible and sophisticated aesthetic solution.

"We, as myplant GmbH, have made it our mission to provide patients and users of myplant two with an implant system that provides the best possible preconditions to ensure long-term implant success with sustainable hard and soft tissue stability."

„ Reliability is our strength “


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